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    wanted to share something which I felt to share for long about hair loss and its treatment..... the market of hair loss treatment industry is worth billions and many unqualified players are misusing and getting benefit of patients emotions and expectations...... hair loss is not normal but its obviously common and it is very easy to tag hair as jewel of crown as I herd from another new radio advertise recently and encouraging people to correct hair loss rather than buying gold or diamond jewellary..... something I really feel is "is your hair treatment so costly that u have to compromise with your luxury or carry bundles of notes to get yourself treated..... if I give an estimate, a biotin tablet would cost 10-15 or max 20 rupee per tablet and minoxidil lotion around 500-700 depending on brand and other supportive treatment maximum 500 leading to a 1500-2000 rupee per 2 months but a patient really need to be "patient" as there is no overnight result in hair loss and it needs time appx 2-3 months to get desired results and even more if other parameters like hemoglobin, thyroid also needs to be taken care of....... now the unqualified players or thugs I must say play the game with the tag with short waiting period like "stop hair loss within 15-25 days" or "get your hair back within 1-2 months" which is not practical till date and the guarantee they talk about is always with "* conditions apply" tag which means u r definitely not going to get it and still you can't blame them after spending 25-35000 rupees. this is not joke but I have seen many victims getting cheated by so called "Tara" "richfeel" "batra" nd many more I don't even remember....... my question to you is if you eat u want good food, u want good clothes than why you forget the degree of the attendant or doctor who is attending you for hair loss? have you herd any other all-rounder doctor like "batra" who is treating hair loss, arthritis, sneezing nd tomorrow might also operate you for appendix and kill you and still taking proud of "Jack of all master of none"....... kaya skin clinic offered you a laser sessions for 200 only but how many of you could come out without putting 5-10 thousand rupee??? and Tara clinic I m talking about is charging almost 15-20000 for only medicines and consultation... even the highest or most reputed brands are not selling above 1000-1200 then are they getting something from moon or just passing you the 200 tagged thing with 10000......and the most of victims were from lower or medium class who still somehow paid that amount for the crown of hair........ I had a patient of alopecia areata (we call "undri" in Gujarati) who had spent his everything in richfeel where they thought it was just a normal hairfall...... my only question is did they come to your home to invite you? did they even mentioned the name and degree of the doctor? did they give you satisfactory result at reasonable cost or within just one month? then why the hell do you still get entrapped for desire of hair growth which needs hell lot of time and patience? Only dermatologists are true trichologist and there are many in every town like 190 in ahmedabad...... Consult them instead of following advertising as the advertise is also at the cost of your charges only....... Thanking you ......... blush and Bloom skin hair and laser clinic, ahmedabad.
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